Aquarius Male Compatibility

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The Synastry represents the science of the astrological compatibility between zodiac astrological signs. In the case of the Aquarius male, there have been many speculations regarding the type of woman he might be suitable with. The thing here is to look for relevant information on websites to see if your sign is compatible with an Aquarius male. Keep in mind that the astrological traits are usually placed in good connections if they have similar characteristics or if they have opposing ones that complete each other in harmony.

The Aquarius male can be compatible with females from the Libra and the Gemini signs, due to the fact that they have a basic common ground in the fact that they are all air signs. This is very important as air signs have the same basic features and they can related to one another by having a common ground of interests and traits. The people who are born under air signs are usually rational and realistic, as well as very grounded and serious. In addition to the air signs, the Aquarius male can be compatible with women of the fire signs, which are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. This category is dominated by a passionate behavior, which makes people under these signs be extremely bored by normal activities and really excited by new ones. They like to be involved in anything and everything. The compatibility with the Aquarius male is given by the fact that, while the Aquarius male is rational and grounded, the Aries, Leo or Sagittarius completes the couple life with excitement and adrenaline. These two types rely on each other, so that the Aquarius male will not live a dull and silent life and his partner will be grounded in situations of overreacting.

Thus, if you are female born under the signs of the Libra, Gemini, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you are highly compatible with the Aquarius male, either due to similar behavior and traits or due to complementary characteristics and habits. Either way, you will find a grounded and realistic partner in this type of a man.

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Characteristics of an Aquarius Male

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What makes an Aquarius male so different from the rest of the signs? He is probably one of the friendliest person, everybody likes him and loves to be around him all the time. When an Aquarius male has a personal interest in a person, he will not give up until he had reached his goals. More often than not, an Aquarius male spends his time contemplating the most intimate feelings of the person and he ends up hiding his true emotions and deliberately complicating his reactions. For somebody who falls in love with an Aquarius male, she will have to have a lot of patience in the evolution of the relationship. For him, love is just an experience and all the people he meets hold a special place. For an Aquarius male, all the people are special, even the ones whom he has not meet yet.

His ideals are set very high and he is in a constant seek of change. The Aquarius male is generous and kind, but if somebody has taken advantage of his kindness, then he will become bitter and resort to shocking courses of actions. If he does something likes this to you, do not stand there and cry, reply him. He likes a woman who is firm and stubborn in her convictions. The health profile of an Aquarius male shows an obsession for cleanliness and personal hygiene. In some men, it may be lead to the extreme, when he is convincing the others to attend to their personal hygiene. He will not go to many extremes to woo a woman, but there will be no privation of romantic gestures either. So expect the unexpected from an Aquarius male.

In terms of relationships, you have nothing to worry about. The Aquarius male is faithful and seriously engages himself in relationships. The Aquarius male may not be the most romantic in the world, but he does know how to twist the words in order to obtain the desired effect. He may sometimes forget the birthdays or anniversaries, but he will say something so beautiful that you will not know what hit you.

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Aquarius male

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The sexual compatibility between some of the star signs means that certain people are more sexually compatible to certain other star signs but not usually the ones that you are yourself. The Aquarius male is a very excitable male who is unpredictable in certain aspects of life including being a good lover and a faithful partner. Not all Aquarius males will cheat on their partners but the likely hood of any star sign having an affair will usually be the face paced Aquarius. The male of the Aquarius group of star signs is one that only likes to look after his best interests first rather than listening to his partner. Their wild sessions in the bedroom can be sporadic but for the right type of person and a compatible sign these sessions can be like nothing that you have ever experienced before. More often than not the partner will have to intrigue the Aquarius male into some kind of sexual fun otherwise they might die of boredom waiting for something to happen.

A water symbol that is rules by the planet Uranus which is a part of the joke that people might call the Aquarius male because always putting themselves first can make them a bit of an ass sometimes. If their partners are willing to put up with this kind of behavior because that will be his temperament then the compromise might just work out to her or his favor. The most difficult point about dealing with the Aquarius male is that often they have little signs of feeling which will pass right over you like a bucket of cold water.

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Sex with the Aquarius male

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There are many men that are Aquarius male who are walking among us right now however the average person would never know because the Aquarius male is the master at blending in. Confident and often quick witted and funny these men like nothing more than to have some very intimate relationships with their lovers without ever having to completely tie the bond. Not that the Aquarius male is afraid of commitment but they like the idea of being completely free to do what they want when they want and if you are on their side then they will take you with then.

Sex is like the morning sunrise with these men because they make every moment count and do their best to make the sex memorable and unique. There is spunk in their methods and just a little lust for some real long and passionate love making sessions. What more could a woman want from a man accept perhaps the partner that is willing to say ‘I love you’, while the Aquarius male continues to carry on with his day after the great loving is done. Passion in the bedroom is one of their good points however do not rely on this particular guy to be your knight in shining armor; he is more like the delivery boy with puppy dog eyes.

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Befriending the Aquarius male

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You need to be friends with the Aquarius man to be able to love him. Being friends with him will allow you to appreciate his characteristics and then you can decide whether you can be able to adjust to his independent and partying nature. After you have known him, you can improve your relationship with him. He may look like he is not up for a long-term commitment but the truth is that he wants one. He is not afraid of a relationship.  The problem is that he does not want the relationship to coerce him to anything, especially any form of losing control.

Aquarians normally have many friends because of their serving nature. To be a good friend to an Aquarian you will have to think like him. You will begin to learn about him if you think logically instead of emotionally. The main thing is to allow him to go his way wherever he desires. If you are able to do this, he will surely return but do not compel him to remain. He requires pure freedom. You will need to convince the Aquarian that you are also their type of person. This way they will be able to open up to you. If in any case they feel like they are being trapped, they will ignore you.

To obtain a long-term relationship with the Aquarius male then do not expect them to bring you gifts or have a romantic nature. Do not expect them to bring you flowers. The point is that they care for you but will not know how to express it to you. This is a part of his nature and it is not deliberate. You need to have patience with the Aquarius male. If you get to understand him then you will have a wonderful relationship together.

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How good are aquarius men?

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Wondering what kind of person an Aquarius male is? You might have probably met one today! Or may be one of your very close friends is Aquarius!  So who is an Aquarius male? This is the type of person who tends to be having strong drive to befriend everyone they meet. Usually, they get along with people very well and are likable people. Be careful when refusing friendship from them because, when an Aquarius man likes you, he acknowledges no obstacle on pursuing the friendship. No way out!

The Aquarius male spends a big part of their time trying to capture and learn about some innermost feelings of someone. Barely sparing any time to soul search himself, this kind of male in many cases, cares less about his own feelings, but strives to understand and take care of the feelings of others!  Furthermore, he can hide his emotion from everyone and is quite capable of holding his views tightly to himself without anyone noticing them. Ironically such men really treasures friends he has not even met and quite often, those he likes never even have clues about it!

One beautiful thing about an Aquarius male is that he loves giving to anyone who needs help from him. This quality in essence makes it very difficult to identify his lover from his bunch of friends. On discovering that he is in love, he treats her in his characteristic sweet and kind manner. But the sad fact, at least to the lady with whom he is in love, is that after some time, when he realizes that he is giving too much attention to just one person, he slowly slips back into wooing  many friends, to dissolve the urge of concentrating on one person; this kind of man fears commitment more than anything! However he is very loyal and honest.

aquarius male

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Aquarius Male – a likeable person

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Who is an Aquarius male? He is a type of person who has tendencies of befriending everyone they meet. An Aquarius man is a likeable person since they get along with all kinds of people. When an Aquarius male likes you nothing can stop him from pursing the friendship.

The above type of person spends most of his time capturing and learning about innermost feelings of someone. He barely has time to souls search himself and always neglects his feelings. An Aquarius man hides his emotions from everyone and is able to hold his views UN noticably.The irony of it all is that he always treasures even friends he has not met yet those he likes have no clue about it. Much like a secret admirer.

Aquarius male have a nature of giving to everyone who needs his help or assistance. Being as much a liker as he is it is difficult to distinguish a lover from his bunch of friends. Once an Aquarius man discovers that he is in love with a lady he treats her in the normal sweet and kind nature of his. After some time the male will realize that he is paying too much attention on one person and will slowly return to wooing more friends to diminish the urge of staying with one person.

The worst fear of an Aquarius man is commitment. He is looking for a woman who will act as a best friend and not commitment. He is not demanding and at no particular time will you find him asking for emotional support. This type of man hardly ever uses words such as love, he will try as much as possible to avoid saying “I love you”. He is not the jealous type and efforts to do that to him will not work because he is not interested in anything else but friendship.

Loyalty is another virtue that an Aquarius male has; he will never be dishonest to you. He will never lie to you about anything even .But never force such a male to tell you anything he will be forced to lie to you make up a big lie. If an Aquarius man is married he considers the wife a long life friend .He always uses sweet words and never forgets important dates like anniversaries

An Aquarian male who has kids treats them like a treasure, always helps with the homework. He pampers them and never wants them to be hurt by anyone. Aquarius male may be aggressive at times but it always takes a while for them to be jovial again.

This type of man should never be confused with a gay person. They act s do not necessarily make them gay. It is their nature to love both men and women and show them neutral affection.

Nevertheless women should be careful when dealing with an Aquarius male, he can like and eventually break your heart. He is not born to love and commit and therefore making him a no in wanting a serious relationship.

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